Fez Inkwright is a Bristol-based illustrator who has provided work for a wide range of publishing houses and game companies. Her main focus lies in conservation, folklore, and tattoo design, with heavy occult and ethnobotanical themes.
Fez has authored and illustrated a number of books and cartomancy decks, primarily exploring the importance of plants and insects to the development of human culture and religion. These books include Bees: A History, published 2018; Folk Magic and Healing, published 2019; Botanical Curses and Poisons, published 2021; the Seed and Sickle oracle deck, to be published November 2021; and the Citadel deck, to be published November 2021. 
Fez focuses on the significance of parts of our ecosystems that are often overlooked, such as common weeds and hedgerow plants, and aim to raise awareness of their vital importance to the health of our planet. Through donating a percentage of sales to environmental charities, she has raised thousands towards local conservation efforts.
Previous clients include Channel 4, Liminal 11, Illumicrate, Cunning Folk Magazine, Quarto Publishing, Barrons Educational, Rainbow Publishing, ChangYou/Zoenix, and Gemma International.

She has been nominated for Eagle awards for her comic book cover illustrations, and more recently Kindred Spirit's Emerging Voice 2021 award.
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